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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

Big COMING OUT announcement! Tomorrow, October 11 -- on National Coming Out Day! -- please welcome QUEER QROSSWORDS 2: 2 Queer 2 Qurious! Many folks on the Inkubator team have constructed for or otherwise supported Queer Qrosswords and we are so excited for the return of this fabulous project!

We're always thrilled at the Inkubator when we can publish one of our own -- in this case, Juliana Tringali Golden, who joined our team this summer to manage our editorial and publishing processes. As many people know, working at a full-time professional job and having a family can take up quite a lot of time; how do we also run a crossword publishing business and mentor new constructors? By having an excellent team, that's how. Now that Juliana is on board, we can't imagine how we managed without her. And this week she has a fantastic, fun puzzle for you! We think you'll find it lightly challenging!

Juliana edits the Berkeley Guide by day and parents two girls by morning, night, and weekend. She lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, Brady, who helps chase them around. Juliana started constructing two years ago, and this is her second published puzzle. She recently joined Inkubator as a managing editor. You can find her on Twitter at @julianatringali.

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Coming up next, on October 24: a gracious and elegant offering from Debbie Ellerin.

All best,
Laura and Tracy