March 5, 2020 - "Difficult Choices" - by Jen McTeague

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

This week's puzzle begins the Inkubator's participation in the Crossword Women's March, an event in our community where puzzle outlets have pledged to publish only women for an entire month. At the Inkubator, we publish women -- and non-binary and genderqueer folks -- every month, so our version of the Crossword Women's March is to publish every week. Tonight, we are so thrilled to be publishing a debut from Jen McTeague, who is asking solvers to consider some "difficult choices." We think you'll find this opportunity moderately challenging!

Jen McTeague is a math teacher, Pathfinder game master, and puzzlehunter. She lives in Providence, RI, with her wife, Ange Strom-Weber. The two of them enjoy powering through puzzle hunts and escape rooms and writing puzzles for other people. Jen mostly has avoided crosswords and other gridded puzzles as part of this since Ange is really good at them and will solve them quickly, but recently she (Jen) has been solving a lot of them to work on getting better. Because Jen just can't solve a bunch of puzzles without coming up with one of her own, this means that she's also started getting into writing crosswords, and she hopes you'll enjoy the first-ever standard crossword she's written. Find Jen on Twitter at @mersiamnot.

Note that tonight's puzzle is officially a bonus, which Diary of a Crossword Fiend doesn't usually cover, but head over there on Friday for a special bonus write-up and discussion. Thanks, F(r)iends! For general updates, follow us on twitter at @InkubatorXWords, and visit our website. Thanks to all of our subscribers for your continuing support, feedback, and kindness!

Coming up next, on March 12, we'll continue Crossword Women's March with a deep dive from sister constructors Lita and Tass Williams.

All best,
Laura and Tracy