March 12, 2020 - "A Fish Out Of Water" - by Tass and Lita Williams

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear subscribers,

This week the Inkubator continues its weekly Women's March with a double debut. "A Fish Out Of Water" is a splashy collaboration from the imaginations of a duo you'll be seeing more of in the Crossworld: Lita and Tass Williams.

Note: This puzzle's grid has a visual element that renders most aesthetically on the PDF version, so even if you solve the .puz file or print the inksaver version, take a look at the full-color PDF for the full effect. Also, remember that titles can make a meaningful contribution to a puzzle's story. We're calling this one moderately challenging. Dive right in!

Sisters Lita and Tass Williams of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada inherited their love of sarcasm, humor, and words from their hilarious, crossword-lovin' parents. So, it was no surprise that one day, through brainstorming, arguing and laughter, along with sushi and cream puffs (no lie), they would pursue a membership in the all-consuming world of crossword construction.

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Next up, on March 19, the Inkubator is delighted to offer a bonus cryptic puzzle from the extraordinary creator and solver Stella Zawistowski. We're very sorry we won't be seeing so many of our solver friends next weekend now that the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament has been cancelled, but we will continue to bring you puzzles, and we hope everyone is doing their best to stay safe.

Laura and Tracy