May 7, 2020 - "Distance Education" - by Rachel Fabi

Difficulty ◐ ○ ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

Professor Rachel Fabi is teaching on a special topic this week: a 22x21 grid with some extra credit. We'll leave it to our solvers to make the connections in this challenging puzzle!

Rachel is a longtime solver, newish constructor, and bi-weekly blogger of crossword puzzles. She is a professor of bioethics in Syracuse, New York, where she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and taking care of her two pets (a cat and a sourdough starter). She's a Jeopardy! champ who enjoys bad puns, good trivia, and arguing about health policy and ethics on the internet. Find her on Twitter at @faBioethics.

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Coming up next, on May 21: some cyclical thinking from Inkubator graphic designer Alex Briñas.

All best,
Laura and Tracy