June 25, 2020 - Cryptic #4 - by Sara Goodchild

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Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends,

During Pride Month, we're highlighting organizations that work toward justice and inclusion in the LGBTQ+ community. The Trans Women of Color Collective works toward "healing and restorative justice" through its visibility campaigns and advocacy. This week's constructor, Sara Goodchild, would like to highlight work in her local community by Toronto PFLAG, which "promotes the health and well-being of LGBTQ2S+ people by helping to keep families together through support and education."

Since you need more puzzles in your life, we're delighted to bring you this bonus cryptic crossword by emerging constructor Sara Goodchild. We think you'll find it challenging. Sara is a writer and editor specializing in science for grades K-12. She and her dad got hooked on cryptic crosswords when the Globe & Mail first started publishing a weekly puzzle by Fraser Simpson. Several decades later, Fraser kindly agreed to mentor her as a newbie constructor, and she is delighted to be making her cryptic debut in the Inkubator thanks in large part to his feedback and support. In addition to cryptic crosswords, Sara loves solving and constructing hunt puzzles, and has written for Puzzled Pint and DASH. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two young sons. Find Sara on Twitter at @sarathegood.

If you're new to cryptics, we've attached a solving guide from friend-of-Inkubator Francis Heaney, and check out Stella Zawistowski's Decrypting the Cryptic series at her blog. We'll also have explanations for all of Sara's clues with our next mailing. And if you're interested in solving more cryptics, our friends at AVClub Crosswords want to hear from you.

And -- please also welcome Stella Zawistowski as this week's guest coeditor! You've seen Stella's name at the Inkubator before, and you'll see it again: we're thrilled to announce that she will be joining the Inkubator's editorial team! We are expanding to a thrice-per-month publication schedule, and Stella will be the lead editor for a monthly themeless. Also stepping up as another lead editor is Juliana Tringali Golden, Inkubator's managing editor since last year. We're so happy to be expanding our editorial team!

For general updates, follow us on twitter at @InkubatorXWords, and visit our website. Thanks to all of our subscribers for your continuing support, feedback, and kindness!

Coming up next, on July 2: Jennifer Marra and Caitlin Reid get to the bottom of things.

All best,
Laura, Stella, Tracy, and Juliana