July 1, 2021 - "Go for It!" - Carla Frechette and Marya Doery

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

Happy July! We're hitting the road this week with an Inkubator debut from Carla Frechette and Marya Doery. We think you'll find it moderately challenging!

Carla works for a boarding school in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut and enjoys all sorts of word games, including solving NPR's Sunday Puzzle with her colleagues. She has also spent many years working in the show horse field. When not puzzling, Carla reads, hikes, and runs, which keeps her sane.

Marya has worked as a stablehand, biology lab technician, physicist, and software developer. Currently, she splits her time between editing crossword puzzles and developing mobile apps. She also enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and snorkeling.

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Coming up next, on Thursday, July 8: Anne Rousseve plays our tune.

All best,
Laura, Tracy, Juliana, and Stella