May 5, 2022 - "Language Immersion" - by Sara Cantor

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

This week, we're pleased to bring you "Language Immersion," a moderately challenging puzzle by the deft and delightful Sara Cantor.

Sara has always liked words more than most other things, but only solved their first crossword puzzle in 2019. They quickly became interested in how puzzles were made and decided their mission was to learn how to do it on their own. An NLP engineer, Sara appreciates mild weather, a sweet gherkin, and a bad (?) pun. Find Sara at @cantorlope_puz on Twitter and Sara's puzzle blog at

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But wait: there's more! This month we launched our collaboration with the travel portal Atlas Obscura. Every month, you'll find a free puzzle from the Inkubator that connects to an Atlas Obscura article. Here's May's puzzle, "Great Big Things", by themeless editor Stella Zawistowski.

Hot off the press, on May 12, we'll have something new from Annemarie Brethauer.

With love and solidarity,
Laura, Tracy, Stella, and Brooke