May 19, 2022 - "Themeless #31" - by Carly Schuna

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

We couldn't be happier to publish this personality-filled themeless by Carly Schuna. We think you'll find it moderately challenging!

Carly Schuna (she/they) is a circus performer/coach and word lover based in Madison, WI. She began regularly solving crosswords more than 10 years ago and occasionally moonlights as a test solver for various puzzle and game books. In addition to the Inkubator, she has had puzzles accepted with Crosswords Club, L.A. Times, Universal, and the NYT. When not working with words, Carly is probably German wheeling, doing some kind of trapeze, juggling, or snuggling with her three dogs. You can follow her on Instagram at @headoverwheelscircus.

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All best,
Laura, Tracy, Stella, and Brooke